Oh, what a difference 50 years makes


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So, I’m sitting here on the bed, tooling around on the computer, watching TV shows on the computer with my headphones on…  Because I don’t want to disturb my husband, who is also sitting on the bed on HIS computer.  He is playing WoW with his headphones on so that he won’t bother me.  (Or so he won’t have to hear me when I talk to him, but that’s a whole ‘nother post…. hahahha)  Our three cats are asleep in the room with us.  The kitchen remains dark and unused.  I guarantee half the people I know are doing the exact same thing.

I started thinking about what we’d be doing if we were in the 1950s.  Odd are, we’d have a couple of kids and a house.  Nick and the kids would be sitting at the dinner table, and I’d bring them the meal I had just cooked.  We would talk about today’s sermon and then exchange pleasantries until we were done.

Oh, how things have changed.  I wonder what we’d be doing 50 years from now, if we were married and in our 30s?


A shocking beverage

On the way home this evening, Nick asked me to stop by Taco Bell so he could eat.  (I know….  Boys are gross.)  We were sharing a beverage, and he decided on some sort of fruit punch.  So I sit down, take a sip, and get shocked in the mouth.  WTF?  Did my beverage just shock me?  I took another sip, and I got an even stronger shock.  So Nick walks over, and I say, “Here.  Have a sip.”  He goes to drink it, and I see him wince in pain.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  That’s the most shocking fruity beverage I’ve ever had, Taco Bell.  Thanks for that.  It’s hours later, and my lip is still sore. I wish I could bottle that for pranks.