Hello, world.



Alrighty, I’m giving WordPress a go for a while, to see if I like it. And to see if you like it! Because, really, who is more important than you?!

Life is good, though, as always, it could use some improvements. Nick had to work Thanksgiving and the day after, so I wasn’t able to go to Mississippi to see the fam for turkey day. Oh, the joys of having only one car! We did get to have dinner with Nick’s parents, though, which was nice! I’m making plans to head to MS for Christmas, though, as I haven’t been down there in quite a while.

I’m a little bummed about not having any Christmas decorations, since those jackasses last year stole our tree and decor, but I’ll get over it. I may pick up some red construction paper to make Santa hats for all my skulls. That’s festive, right? 😉

I have done exactly 0% of my Christmas shopping so far. That’s not a good number. I have yet to figure out where the shopping money will come from. Bank robbery? Selling a kidney? There’s so many options…..

Speaking of insane holiday shopping, this is completely absurd, people. Seriously. Stop. You’re bothering me.